Fundamental geopolitical challenges, global pandemics, natural disasters, and climate change drive the need for secure and sovereign communication systems. Maritime surveillance, environmental monitoring, virtual health and education platforms, and the safety of our traffic and logistics on Earth and in space are a major concern for governments, agencies and industries.

Satellite Communications have become a critical element for the EU and its Member States. They support its defense, security, humanitarian and emergency response missions along their entire lifecycle, and embed satellite technologies in all advanced telecommunications architectures. Safety and security represents a major market opportunity for the space industry.

The global market related to space systems for safety and security – also dubbed 4S – is estimated to grow threefold in the next two decades, from €7.4 billion in 2025 to €22.2 billion in 2040, according to a Euroconsult study. The addressable market in Europe is expected to grow at an even faster pace, from €1.7 billion to €6.4 billion in the same period until 2040. Space for Safety & Security taps this market.