• Agile Command Receiver

    The Rx2 unit is the second-generation command receiver designed and manufactured at Kongsberg Norspace. The command receiver is to be used for spacecraft telemetry, tracking and commands (TT&C). The Unit design is in-orbit programmable up to 750MHz bandwidth, and prepared for receiving commands and ranging signals at C-band, Ku-band or Ka-band.

  • NEA

    RUAG Space AB have developed and qualified horn assemblies for global Ku-Band coverage TTC, Ka-Band IOT payload Rx/Tx and Beacon. The RUAG GNSS antenna design has within the scope of work evolved to withstand harsher random environment. All antennas are well adapted for new platforms such as NEOSAT.


    This project represents the basis for enabling satellite systems using beam hopping capabilities. The technique, based on the DVB-S2X transmission standard, allows redirecting capacity between beams, making satellite systems more flexible and efficient. The project especially addresses the key problem of satellite network synchronization. In doing so, a modulator and terminals as well as a beam-switching payload emulator are developed using the DVB-S2X Super-Framing Format 4 waveform.

  • NELS

    Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands (ADSN) has developed, and continuously updated over the past two decades, a non-explosive low shock Hold Down and Release System for its Advanced Rigid Array and Flatpack Solar Array families. Many hundreds of these systems have released a variety of solar arrays and other deployable systems with 100% success. The NELS program objective is to develop a substitute for the existing Hold Down and Release System, which is more robust and has an extended preload capacity.


    LOCOMO project is envisaged to design and develop a low cost and compact Ka-band mobile satcom terminal, which provides broadband on-the-move communications to emergency, governmental and security networks.