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Satcom Warning

ARTES is dedicated to satcoms only.

TRL Warning

For ARTES Advanced Technology, the starting TRL level should be at least 3 and the targeted TRL should not be higher then 6.

ARTES Advanced Technology idea submission form

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If you have more than one idea, please complete a separate form for each one.

Note: Submitted ideas are in no way binding, and will be used as inputs to the preparation of the yearly ARTES Advanced Technology Workplan.

Name and contact details of main author
Names of co-authors if any
Activity Details

Please quantify the benefits. As far as possible quantify the benefits by a numerical value (for example 30% mass reduction) and address the following guiding questions:
(a) for improvements:
How much is the capability/performance improved over the state-of-the-art technologies, techniques, products and/or satellite communication systems in ESA Member States? (b) for novel capabilities, not existing today in ESA Member States:
What capability/performance is enabled by the output of the activity?

Please describe the activity and organise the text according to the following guiding questions 1 to 4:
1. What is the technical problem to be solved and/or what is the potential market need?
2. How does the activity contribute to solving the technical problem?
3. What provides confidence that the problem can be solved?
4. What are the main engineering tasks to be carried out in order to solve the technical problem and what is the output targeted in this activity?

Additional Information
Please try to provide part or all of the additional information below with the best of your knowledge
Please provide the contact details of the ESA expert
Additional Documents
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
Self Evaluation

You are invited to complete a first evaluation of your idea against the set of criteria in the table below.

Some more details on criteria 2 and 3 in particular are provided by clicking on the links in the table.

Criterion 1: Relevance to ARTES AT
The submitted idea shall be new in ESA Member States.

A. Is the idea covered by a completed or on-going activity?
B. Do the targeted deliverables already exist in an ESA Member State which participates in the ARTES Programme?
C. Is there some form of proof of the concept available to justify the starting TRL?
Criterion 2: Performance Impact and Business Potential
Quantified assessment of technical performance impact at sub-system or system level and qualitative assessment of the business potential

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Criterion 3: Risk/Viability
Judgement of technical and market acceptance risks of the development and the targeted product

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Criterion 4: Interest of Industries
Number of industries and corresponding country

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