European Space Agency

ARTES Scylight full proposal requirements and templates


1. Cover Letter: Requirements  /  Template

2. Business Potential: Requirements  /  Template

3. Technical Proposal: 

     3A. Product Specification: Requirements  /  Template
     3B. Product Development Plan: Requirements  /  Template
     3C. Design, Development and Verification Plan: Requirements  /  Template

4. Project Team & Resources:

     4A. Project Team: Requirements  /  Template 
     4B. Resources: Requirements  /  Template

5. Management Proposal: 

     5A. Management Plans, Policies and Procedures: Requirements  /  Template 
     5B. Work Definition, Organisation and Schedule: Requirements  /  Template 
     5C. Meetings, Reviews and Deliverables: Requirements  /  Templates
                                                                Attachment to 5C. Requirements - Ground Segment 
                                                                Attachment to 5C. Requirements - Space Segment

6. Financial Proposal: Requirements  /  Template

7. Contractual Proposal: Requirements  /  Template