European Space Agency

Overview Core Competitiveness


The European Space Agency’s Telecoms and Integrated Applications directorate (TIA) has announced a new element of the ARTES programme. Called ARTES Core Competitiveness,  it merges two formerly self-standing ARTES elements, ARTES Competitiveness & Growth and ARTES Advanced Technology. This change was approved this month by the ESA Member States.

Previously, these two self-standing elements were funded separately. By merging the two into one single ARTES element, it improves the flexibility for funding allocation across AT and C&G for the benefit of Members States and industry. Under the new element, the AT and C&G Call For Proposals remain unchanged.

This latest change is part of an on-going effort to streamline and strengthen the ARTES programme to better support the European and Canadian space industries.


ARTES Core Competitiveness: An Overview (presentation)