daptiv PPM FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions by ESA ARTES project Users

Is daptiv secure?
Daptiv is ISO 27001:500,  EU Safe Harbor and SOC 2 certified. More info can be found visiting www.daptiv.com.

Where are hosted the data of ESA projects?
The data are stored in a data centre in Amsterdam (NL).

How do I get access to projects in daptiv?
Access to projects is provided through invitations sent via e-Mail by the Managers of daptiv projects. The first invitation contains also a registration URL.

I’ve forgotten/lost my log-in password, how can I get a new one?
Go to the log-in web page (https://login.daptiv.nl) click on "Forgot your password?" and follow the procedure to receive a new password via email.

Which role should I assign to a new user invited in a project?
daptiv PPM has three roles at project level:

  • Project Manager
  • Team member
  • Guest
  • (the “Timesheet” role should be disregarded)

These are the main capabilities of the Project Manager role:

  • Invite new users to the project
  • Remove users
  • Archive or delete the project
  • Organize, modify, upload, delete and update all folders, files, issues, discussion
  • Full access to any items (e.g. files, issues, discussions), including items whose access is restricted

As a consequence of the above capabilities, please be very careful in assigning this role. These are the main capabilities of the Team Member role:

  • Full access to any items (e.g. files, issues, discussion), unless their access is restricted,
  • Upload, delete and update all files, issues, discussion.

These are the main capabilities of the Guest role:

  • Full access to any items (e.g. files, issues, discussion), unless their access is restricted,
  • Upload of new files, issues, discussion,
  • Update and deletion of only his/her items (e.g. files, issues, discussion).

What is the difference between "Create new Member" and "Add Enterprise Users"? 
If the user already exists in daptiv, he can be added to a project via the "Add Enterprise Users". Otherwise she/he must be created with "Create new Member".

I am Project Manager but I do not have the "Create New Member" option. What should I do?
Please contact the ESA daptiv administrator (see bottom of page).

I’ve been sent an email invitation to a new project (or a notification about a new document), but when I click on the URL link provided in the email either I cannot find the project (or the document) or I get to a webpage with several options that don’t work. (e.g. "Starting Page", "Log-Off", etc…). What can I do? 
Your project (or document) might be hosted in a different enterprise. A few projects have been started in the "ESA pilot" Enterprise, while most of the projects are hosted in the “European Space Agency” enterprise. To switch between the two enterprises, log-in directly from the browser (i.e. do not click on the URL in the email, which is not efficiently handling the existence of two enterprises), then click on your name (top/right) and select "Switch Enterprise".

I am not able to create new projects (i.e. I do not see the "Create Project" tab). What should I do?
Contact the ESA daptiv administrator (see bottom of page). The privilege to create new projects can be given only to ESA staff working in the TIA directorate.

Can I open more than one working window (besides the main window of the application)?
This would be very useful to cut & paste text from several windows (e.g. to update issues or to reply to discussions).  Unfortunately it is not possible. Please also pay attention to the fact that, if you try to open a third window, the working one is closed without any warning and without the possibility to recover its contents.

How can I see a users' login date at project level?
Unfortunately, this is not possible on daptiv. However, it is possible to see who has accessed a document (and when) by clicking on the Document History Tab.

Why do I see incorrect time info (e.g. posting date of a document) of project items? 
Users have to be invited with their correct time-zone setting. Otherwise, they have to correct their time-zone settings by clicking on their name (top/right) and editing their profile ("Edit User Settings").

How can I create/delete/rename folders (e.g. for Documents, Issues and Discussions)? 
You have to be Project Manager at project level. Select the "folder view" of the item you are interested in (e.g. Documents) and click on "Create/Rename/Delete".

Which browsers are supported? 
All modern browsers are supported (IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari).

Can I add a project Logo?
This feature is not supported by daptiv.

Why are some Projects, Folders or Files not visible or not accessible via DeskDocs?
DeskDocs cannot handle special characters (e.g. #$%^&*) in the names of projects, folders or files.

Is it possible to use DeskDocs for file versioning?
Yes. It is possible to open, edit and save an editable file (e.g. .doc and .xls) directly on DeskDocs. This will create a new version in Daptiv automatically. However, DeskDocs shows only the latest version. The previous versions are available through the web application.

Who has access to the files uploaded via DeskDocs?
By default, files uploaded via DeskDocs can be accessed by all the members of the project. If needed, access to the files can be then restricted via the web based application. In case of files whose access is restricted to some members of the project, it is recommended to upload them via the web based application.

Occasionally DeskDocs crashes with an error message like "The Projects or Folder are not accessible…". What can I do?
Try your account from another PC and/or reboot your PC. In most of the cases a reboot has solved the problem, which seems therefore related to the end-user PC rather than to the DeskDocs application/service.

It is not possible to delete files and folders via DeskDocs. Why?
For security reasons, DeskDocs is configured not to allow the deletion of folders or files.

I am not able to open .pdf files in DeskDocs. Why?
This is a known issue. Please try the following procedure. If the problem persists, contact the support@daptiv.com. Obviously, you can always open the file by first downloading it (e.g. on your computer’s desktop).

This is due to Microsoft Office and its ability to interpret Adobe PDFs in WebDAV environments. To resolve this issue, customers need to install an MS Office hot fix released by Microsof. NOTE: you will need to reboot your PC after the installation before the fix will take affect. More information about this Microsoft hot fix can be found on the Microsoft website: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/943337

As a second step, you'll want to open your install of Adobe Reader, go to "Edit" and "Preferences", choose "Internet", and make sure that the option for "Display PDF in browser" is checked. Click OK, and attempt to open a PDF via DeskDocs.

Hyperlinks of Cut & Paste URLs (e.g. in Discussions or Issues) are not retained. Is there any workaround?
Unfortunately, no.

Why does the date format in daptiv invert days and months?
Edit User Seetings in your profile and select the Culture Setting you prefer.

The Bookmark repository function truncates long URLs. Why? 
The maximum supported length for a URL is 100 characters.

Can I use daptiv on my mobile phones?
Daptiv is not certified on any mobile phone, although this is something they have in their road-map. Nevertheless, some mobile phones are capable of accessing daptiv, with limited performances and reliability.

Can I use daptiv with Windows XP?
No, daptiv PPM will no longer be accessible with the Windows XP operating system as of August 17, 2015.

v1.5 – Last update 12/11/2015 ESA daptiv administrator: Fausto.Vieira@esa.int, Davide.Tomassini@esa.int, Francesco.Feliciani@esa.int