daptiv PPM Training Tutorial

daptiv PPM offers web-based project management and collaboration for complex project-driven organizations. People and information critical to project and process success are connected in a shared, easily accessible environment.

Access to daptiv is provided via invitations, which contain a registration URL sent via e-Mail by the project managers.

The following links provide access to a brief multimedia tutorial for the daptiv PPM tool. The training focuses on the most important features of daptiv For more help, please log-in in daptiv and click on “Help and Support/ Open Help” in the top/right corner of the main application page.

The training is split into three sections:

Section 1
Once logged-in with your username (i.e. e-Mail addresses) and password, the first section provides info about some of the main functions of daptiv PPM (the creation of new projects is described in the section 2, while the drag&drop features of files and directories are described in section 3):


Section 2
The second section provides info about how to create new projects in daptiv PPM:


Section 3
The third section provides info about how drag&drop files and directory in daptiv PPM by installing the light DeskDocs plug-in. Please note that installation on Windows Vista and Windows 7 might require a manual configuration (for more info click on “Help and Support/Open Help” on top/right of the main page of Daptiv):