ESA's Telecommunications and Integrated Applications Directorate

The Telecommunications and Integrated Applications (TIA) directorate of ESA is responsible for co-ordinating, shaping and supporting innovation in satellite telecommunications and for the promotion of applications that involve the combined use of space-based telecommunications, earth observation and navigation systems.

By facilitating research and development activities and by forging partnerships within the industry, TIA contributes to the development of European and Canadian industries, assisting them in the production of advanced technologies and concepts to develop world-class products and services.

TIA also plays an investment role by supporting public-private partnerships that contribute to the development and deployment of new satellite systems, allowing the demonstration and validation of future services.

The work of the TIA Directorate includes:

  • Identifying the needs of industry, satellite operators and European institutions and proposing programmes and developments to solve those needs
  • Undertaking development and testing, as well as in-orbit demonstration of new satellite systems, equipment and services 
  •  Ensuring that new technologies are successfully turned into products and services that can be used by service providers and applications developers
  • Promoting standards to ensure the benefits of interoperability of systems across Europe and Canada.
  • Developing space-based applications that provide solutions to the needs of European citizens and society at large.

TIA works in conjunction with other public entities such as, the European Union, Eurocontrol and the European Defence Agency among others.

In the framework of the European strategy on Space, satellite telecommunications is a key component of the exploitation initiatives. For example, as part of the directorate's Iris programme, TIA is cooperating with Eurocontrol and the European Civil Aviation authorities on the development of the satellite based component of the future air traffic management system. Other important applications are foreseen in cooperation with various EC directorates.

ESA's cooperation with national agencies fosters synergies between national and European projects. The projects of Alphabuswith CNES, AmerHIS/REDSAT with CDTI, HYLAS with BNSC and small GEO with the DLR, have demonstrated their usefulness in "Europeanising" or developing opportunities around national initiatives.