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  • Satcom Maturity and Deployment

    Satellite technologies are evolving and new modern and secured communications are being developed that offer new opportunities to meet current and emerging aviation requirements.

  • GREECONNECT Virtual Day - GREEk CONNECtivity small-satellites

    The GREECONNECT Virtual Day is an online event bringing together industrial and research actors with an interest in small satellites to receive information on current and future opportunities though the Greek National Space Project. The event is supporting the European Space Agency (ESA) Agenda 2025, set out to foster the growth and collaboration of the European space sector by ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher.


  • Joint ESA & 5G-MAG Workshop “Reinventing Satellite Broadcasting for the 5G Era”

    “Reinventing Satellite Broadcasting for the 5G era” proposes an interactive workshop to foster the discussion between satellite, terrestrial infrastructure and service providers, media and other verticals representatives and industry, addressing the requirements and potential solutions for evolved media distribution and 5G satellite systems and service delivery chains.

  • 4th ScyLight Workshop 2021

    This is an annual event for European and Canadian Industries as well as ESA technical experts to showcase the latest developments in the domain of optical and quantum communication technologies under the ScyLight umbrella and beyond. It will be a unique opportunity to present your results and gain an overview of ongoing activities. The event will give you a chance to discuss, network and exchange with colleagues from both ESA and industry.

  • Final Presentation Webinar - ARTES Future Preparation Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Satellite Telecommunication

    ESA would like to invite you to the Final Presentation Webinar of the ARTES Future Preparation (FP) activity Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Satellite Telecommunications.

    This Webinar will take place on the 9th of June at 10:00 CEST and it will present the results and key lessons learnt of the two parallel contracts lead by Joanneum Research (AT) and GMV (ES), that performed this study.
    The Webinar is scheduled to last a maximum of 1h 30min, with 2 presentation of 30min (one for each contract), followed by a short Q&A session.

  • ARTES Advanced Technology: Inflatables to drag down small satellites

    New activity - Inflatable structures for telecom satellites.

    The need for ever-more powerful telecom satellites drives the development of the associated technologies.   A key example is the need for lightweight, large systems such as solar arrays and radiators, usually deployed in-orbit using booms and masts made from rigid structures.  An alternative strategy is the use of inflatable structures, where deployment is achieved via/through gas inflation.  Such structures are considered very attractive owing to their high mechanical packing efficiency and low mass.  For this reason, inflatable structures are potentially a key technology that could have a wide range of applications for future satellite communications missions.

  • Industry Info Session: ARTES 4S Prospects

    ARTES 4S Strategic Programme Line ("Space systems for Safety and Security") has been created at the last Space 19+ ESA council held at Ministerial level. The aim was to cope with the need of specific efforts towards next generation secure SATCOM solutions designed to serve governmental needs and support critical infrastructures and applications.

  • 10th FOKUS FUSECO Forum

    7-8 November 2019

    10th FOKUS FUSECO FORUM: 5G Reality Check: State Of Play In 5G Technologies, Applications & How To Start With 5G

  • Space2connect 2021 Conference

    Join us at the European Space Agency’s first ever Space2Connect conference taking place between 11 to 14 October 2021. This virtual event will be streamed from ESA ESTEC in Noordwijk in the Netherlands, and we invite you to participate!

  • The Future in Aviation: Iris, a reality for Air Traffic Management

    1-2 October, Belgium

    On Wednesday 2 October 2019, the European Space Agency and SESAR Deployment Manager are organising an event to update all ATM stakeholders on Iris, a new satellite-based air–ground communication system for Air Traffic Management.