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  • ASTRIUM's Ku-band feed chain: a commercial success

    ASTRIUM (DE) has had a notable success with its Ku-band Tx/Rx High Power Feed Chain, which was co-funded under ARTES.

  • Digital Society and Space Applications 2014

    Learn the SME business cases behind innovative products and services based on satellite navigation and satellite communications. 12 June, Belfast.

  • Industry Space Days 2014

    Are you an SME? Meet new suppliers and qualified contractors at the fifth edition of the Industry Space Days, 3-4 June 2014 at ESTEC.

  • Safer flying with satcom weather app

    Pilots using a satellite service can now receive inflight updates on weather hazards and warn other aircraft of storms they see ahead.

  • ARTES Applications Workshop 2014

    European Space Agency (ESA) announces the 4th ARTES Applications Workshop will take place on 29th - 30th April 2014 in Luxembourg.

  • Tracking Trains by Satellite: a premiere for Europe

    The incorporation of satellite services in railway signalling systems is now one step closer thanks to the successful test of a demonstration system on a regional rail line on the island of Sardinia.

  • Can common MIMO techniques improve satellite communications?

    In a multi-year project supported by the European Space Agency´s ARTES programme, a consortium led by Elektrobit (Finland) explored the challenges of applying MIMO techniques to satellite systems.

  • ARTES Call For Ideas

    ESA is pleased to invite members of the satellite communication industry from European Member States and Canada to participate in the ARTES Call For Ideas. ESA is looking for proposals for long-term preliminary studies and technology development-related activities.

  • New market opportunity becomes commercial success

    In the fiercely competitive telecom satellite microwave products sector, Thales Alenia Space identified a gap in the market for two new products, a 25/17 GHz band receiver and a Ka-band converter.

  • 1964-2014: fifty years of European cooperation in space

    We mark the 50th anniversary of European cooperation in space with some notable milestones and events from our past:

    • 11 May 1978: The successful launch of OTS-2 (Orbital Test Satellite-2), the first ESA telecoms satellite.
    • 29 May 1969: As a part of the Aerosat programme, an ad hoc air traffic control expert group is set up by ESRO.
    • 30 May 1975: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany (Federal Republic), Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom sign the convention establishing ESA.