Price Range

200-500 KEURO


While the introduction of new technologies in the telecommunication satellite sector is based on a stringent process (from initial concept to final validation before launch) to guarantee the reliability of the missions, there may be the need to leave opportunities for new concepts to be brought in. The purpose of this activity is (1) to allow the evaluation of innovative technologies or missions that could be introduced on the satellite markets and (2) to define development and validation roadmaps (budget, schedule and technical wise) that would be necessary to introduce the proposed concept on the market. The Invitation To Tender (ITT) would be rather large in terms of scope, covering all aspects of the value chains (from content generation to content presentation, through networking and protocols, resource management, transmission, payload - platform or ground - equipment's, parts or technologies, ...). At t same time, and to avoid creating undue expectations, the ITT will have to be developed in such a way that criteria for eligibilityare clearly indicated. As a minimum, the following eligibility criteria should apply: -The proposed concept must be new with respectto topics that had been addressed in other ARTES 1 activities or other ARTES programs (the ARTES web site provides a list of the activities that have been engaged). -The same applies to the GSP, GSTP or TRP programs: the proposed concept must also be new withrespect to these lines -The evaluation board will also use its expertise to evaluate the novelty of the proposed concept. For whatconcerns the evaluation, the following criteria will be used as a minimum, beyond the quality of the proposal: -The credibility ofthe proposed solution (measured by ESA experts) -The expected benefits with respect to the state of the art. (as indicated by the proposer,as well as through ESA internal evaluation) The statement of work will be carefully developed in order to ensure equality of treatment among bidders and the same level of information for what concerns existing solutions.

Tender Specifics