CC for Advanced Tech

Price Range

200-500 KEURO


Objective:The objective of this activity is to develop and experimentally verify high performance dielectric resonators with a quality factor (Q) times frequency (f) figure of merit (Qf) of at least 250,000 GHz for use in input and output multiplexers.

Targeted Improvements:Develop enabling technology for a new source of high Q dielectric resonators.

25% increase in Q factor with respect to currently available European material.

Description:Input and output multiplexers developed for space applications require dielectric resonators with high Q factor and high thermal stability. Currently there is no European product providing high Q dielectric resonators with a Qf figure of merit of 250,000 GHz and a thermal frequency drift coefficient between 0 and +5 ppm/deg. C.To lower the European dependence on such critical and high-end dielectric materials, the development of enabling technology for a new source of such a resonator material is targeted.

Different material formulations and manufacturing processes (for example firing,viscous plastic processing) shall be assessed. Complex shapes (for example, monolithic dielectric resonator with pedestal), accuracy and post-processing limitations shall be investigated.

The RF properties over temperature of the developed material shall be demonstrated with representative RF breadboards that shall be designed, developed, manufactured and experimentally verified. Full characterisation of relevant mechanical and thermal material properties shall be part of the activity.

Procurement Policy: C(2) = A relevant participation (in terms of quality and quantity) of non-primes (incl. SMEs) is required. For additional information please go to EMITS news "Industrial Policy measures for non-primes, SMEs and RD entities in ESA programmes".

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