CC for Advanced Tech

Price Range

200-500 KEURO


Objective: The objective of this activity is to characterise the atmospheric channel for MEO satcom systems in Ka band by performing a measurement campaign of at least two years. The results will be made available for radio regulatory activities.

Targeted Improvements: The activity will provide satellite manufacturers and operators of NGSO systems in Ka band (starting with MEO) with accurate channel models that would allow for more efficient systems and operations by enabling the development of accurate modelling tools. Furthermore, the activity will pave the way towards the development of accurate channel models for LEO systems in Ka band which are more challenging due to the short contact time and long return period.

Description: Current propagation models for Satcom services are tailored for geostationary satellites and there is a complete lack of long-term measurements at Ka band for non-GEO systems. This is a major limitation to MEO and LEO networks as such models do not take into account the combined effects of the atmospheric and orbital dynamics. This prevents the reliable prediction of crucial link parameters such as outage duration, fade slope and scintillation which need to be covered by design margins and thus limit the system performance. The activity will include the development of a low cost propagation terminal to perform a long-term (at least 2 years) propagation campaign aimed at characterising statistically the dynamic properties of the atmospheric radio channel of a MEO Ka band system. The results will be submitted to radio regulatory bodies, i.e. ITU-R, to improve models and data for design and operations of these type of satcom systems.

Priority 2 activities will only be initiated on the explicit request of at least one delegation.

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