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Objective: The objective of this activity is to use the satellite structure as a storage area.

Targeted Improvements: The benefit would be to reduce or remove the need for tanks on board leading to significant mass savings.

Description: A multi-functional structure can lead to a significant mass savings. By merging other sub-system elements into the satellite structure, and using the inherent strength of these parts, the satellite structure mass can be reduced.In a previous ESA study, Multifunctional Structure For Hydrogen Storage (ARTES 5 contract n° 17436,2004 ) investigating regenerative fuel cell systems and hydrogen storage for large satellites, the use of tanks as structural elements was identified as a promising way to significantly decrease the mass of the platform. Sucha concept could also be applied to other subsystems.The most promising candidate combinations for multifunctional structures whichact as mechanical support and reactant storage will be identified and studied. The mechanical properties will be derived from testing the best combinations.

The proposed Work logic is the following:

Reactant/Carrier Analysis:

  • Review of applications in the propulsion and power supply areas that make use of liquid or gaseous reactants (Fuel, Oxygen, Helium, Xenon, etc.);
  • Investigation of storage methods (cavities, chemical storage, etc.);
  • Analyse which of the reactants can be stored using which storage methods withinwhich structural elements,

Testing of Material Properties:

  • Define generic structural elements (rods, plates, etc.)
  • Identify themost relevant reactant/carrier combinations
  • Define and run tests to find the relevant mechanical properties of these candidate combinations inside such structural elements.

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