Price Range

100-200 KEURO


European and Canadian payload equipment (TWTA?s, receivers, waveguides, ?) suppliers have developed portfolios of products or solutions (including payloads) that have been adopted by the main satellite prime manufacturers in Europe and in the rest of the World. At the same time other suppliers from US or Japan for instance are also competitors to ESA member states and Canada suppliers, benefiting either from internal opportunities, from their own strengths or from advantageous monetary conditions. This competitive environment plays a significant role on the performance of ESA member states and Canadian industry in this field and may influence their product development policy as well. The development of roadmaps to support the competiveness of the European and Canadian industry in the sector of payload equipment and parts is bound to the understanding of the performance of this industry in this sector. As a pre-requisite, a detailed campaign of data collection and a critical interpretation of the available information have to be implementedto lead to this understanding. The purpose of this activity shall thus consist in (1) generating a detailed status of the strengthsand weaknesses of the European and Canadian industry for what concerns satellite payloads, and (2) in identifying the threats from suppliers from other regions of the world, from their existing product lines or their current developments. As a minimum, this activity shall include (1) the definition of reference missions against which the global payload market can be mapped, the definition of associated payload architecture, equipment and product equipment families, (2) the mapping against the previous elements of the existing actors (from Europe, Canada, and other parts of the worlds) acting on the corresponding market segments (including a segmentationagainst frequency bands ? from VHF up to Q/V bands and optical wavelengths), (3) the review of the sales over the last 5 years oninternal and external regional markets, (4) an overall performance assessment (including economic value) per market segment and globally, identifying trends, (5) the positioning of the performances of the European and Canadian industry with respect to the market segments, (6) the identification of recommendations on areas where further actions could be taken to support the industry in strengthening its positioning or reducing its weaknesses (7) the identification of the expected return on investment from the proposed set of actions. The executive reserves the right to control the dissemination of the information that may be identified as sensitive.

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