Advanced Technology

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> 500 KEURO


Priority 2

Objective:The objective of the activity is to develop a compact reconfigurable output multiplexer concept that enablesbandwidth flexibility without significant impact on mass at payload level.

Targeted Improvements: Enabling technology for a new flexible product line.


Today's output multiplexers have channels with a fixed centre frequency and bandwidth that do notallow any bandwidth or centre frequency re-allocation on ground or in orbit and are assigned to one of the antennas on the spacecraft.

Frequency plans have to be agreed long in advance of the satellite launch and flexibility to adapt to changing traffic demand over the 15 year satellite lifetime is limited to a set of a few pre-defined frequency plan options. The capability of reconfiguration will overcome these limitations, providing the ability to respond to changing market circumstances and the flexibility needed to carry out the assembly and integration of the satellite before the frequency plan is agreed.

In this activity a reconfigurable output multiplexer concept shall be developed that allows reconfigurability that is useful when channels need to be switched between antennas or beams but also to switch onto and switch off channels of different bandwidths. Switching capability shall be integrated into the multiplexer manifold. Power handling, rejection and ohmic losses shall comparable with standard fixed frequency output multiplexers. In a first step an adequate waveguide switching mechanism in the manifold shall be developed and experimentally verified. In a second step a switchable 3-channel output multiplexer shall be designed, developed, manufactured and critical functions experimentally validated. This includes RF performance, power handling and allocating channels to different outputs.


Priority 2 activities will only be initiated on the explicit request of at least one delegation.

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