Showing tenders for Future Preparations

Activities under ARTES Future Preparations are 100% funded by ESA, in recognition of the value of such research strategies in laying down the groundwork for securing the success of future activities.

Contracts are gained via Invitations To Tender (ITT), issued by TIA. Refer to the Working with TIA link to find out more on the ITT process.

An overview of the ARTES FP Workplan 2016 is published on EMITS under reference number AO8552.

As of 15 March 2016, esa-star – ESA’s System for Tendering And Registration replaced EMITS as the facility to register with ESA as an external Entity, i.e. potential Bidder/ Supplier. Existing user data from EMITS has been carried over to esa-star, which also provides access to your own entity-related data in order to verify, validate, modify or complete the registration-related data. Entities whose registration process in EMITS was in status “in preparation” on 8 March 2016 should re-enter their Entity data into the new esa-star registration facility.

The registration is mandatory prior to submitting proposals to ESA. Registered users (having obtained an ID and password) will have full access to the issued ITTs that are open to organisations of their country of registration. This will allow them on one side to download the whole ITT package (Cover Letter, Statement of Work, Draft Contract, Special Conditions of Tender, clarifications issued) and on the other side to provide their expression of interest (visible for ESA only or also for other EMITS/ esa-star users) of submitting an offer.

This page displays the ARTES Invitation To Tenders (ITTs) which are published on EMITS. Use the selection criteria on the left to refine your search.

Funding of the individual Prime or subcontractors, for ARTES Core Competitiveness and ARTES Applications activities, is subject to authorisation of the required ARTES budget by the related National Delegations. Therefore, bidding teams are requested to inform their National Delegation(s) of their intention to participate in funded activities already before submitting a proposal.

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