Large Platform Mission (LPM)

Alphasat is Europe's largest telecommunications satellite, exceeding 6.6 tonnes at launch. Its solar array, spanning 40 m, generates more than 12 kW of power. The ARTES Large Platform Mission element is devoted to the development and deployment of this ground-breaking geostationary satellite.

News and Events

News and Events

  • NetCaster

    NetCaster will provide a solution for customers looking for multi-party conferencing over the Alphasat and Inmarat-4 satellites with low capital investment and control over operational costs.

  • Alphasat Ground and User Segment and Applications

  • Alphasat: The First Alphabus Satellite

    The primary objective of ESA under the Alphasat Programme is to facilitate an early first flight, and in-orbit validation of the Alphabus platform, currently under development with industry.


    By focusing on how to optimally create the best user experience for communicating highest quality images over bandwidth-limited communications systems, BEATLES targets key challenges in Mobile Satellite communications in general, and new Alphasat opportunities based on BGAN and GSPS in particular.

  • Alphabus: An Extended European Capability

    With the Alphabus product line, European Industry extends its telecommunication satellite range significantly beyond the capabilities of the existing platforms, such as Eurostar 3000 and Spacebus 4000, both with respect to maximum payload power and mass.

  • Increased On-Orbit Autonomy of Large Platforms...

    In the frame of the development of the Alphabus telecommunication platform, a system study is carried out to explore one way of increasing the spacecraft autonomy in orbit.


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