Advanced Technology Work Plan: preparation for 2019 kicked off

The preparation for the next ARTES Advanced Technology (AT) Work Plan has now been officially kicked off.
Please note that 16 February 2018 is the cut-off date to submit ideas for the 2019 Work Plan.


As part of the ARTES Core Competitiveness framework, the Call For Ideas on Advanced Technology seeks to stimulate innovation at relatively early stages of technology readiness, when a proof of concept is credible and ready for a first evaluation and testing in the relevant space environment. The selected ideas become part of ESA’s annual Advanced Technology Work Plan as Invitations To Tender, against which industry and academia can bid in open competition to gain development contracts.

By ensuring the long-term readiness of their products, industry will be able to prepare for future commercial or institutional opportunities. The following areas are targeted:

  • Telecommunication systems (e.g. end-to-end satcom systems, security, network protocols, propagation, resource management, air interfaces)
  • Platform (e.g. system and architecture, propulsion sub-system, AOCS, thermal control, mechanical sub system, power sub-system)
  • Payload (e.g. system and architecture, antenna, repeater equipment and data handling)
  • Ground segment (e.g. satellite ground equipment and support, network, operations control and gateway, operations and mission control, user terminals)

All ideas and suggestions are welcome and will be carefully assessed taking into account the adequacy of the proposed idea with respect to the objectives of ARTES. This may involve ESA staff contacting the idea proponent for clarifications. The following four criteria are used for down-selection:

  1. Relevance to ARTES AT
  2. Performance Impact and Business Potential
  3. Risk/Viability
  4. Interest of industry

A self-evaluation of submitted ideas is encouraged and is part of the web submission form.

Previously selected activities can be found in the summary table of the ARTES AT planned activities.

NB: although the call is continuously open, ideas that are submitted after the cut-off date of 16 February 2018 will not be considered for inclusion in the 2019 Work Plan but will default to consideration for later years.

For more information and a contact email address see: ARTES Advanced Technology

Published 01 December 2017
Last updated at 01 December 2017 - 14:20