Announcement of Opportunity for industry-initiated Public Private Partnerships for proposed new ARTES 33 element

Public-private partnerships (PPPs), ESA´s successful way of working with Europe and Canada´s satellite communications industry, will be further explored and continued pending the Member States´ approval of a new ARTES initiative currently known as ARTES Element 33.

ESA has implemented several PPPs through its ARTES programme including Amerhis, Alphasat, Small GEO, Hylas, and EDRS. These projects have shown that PPPs are well suited to achieve ESA’s objectives to promote the research and development of new technologies, foster the competitiveness of the satcom industry in Europe and Canada, create new downstream services and provide social benefits.

ARTES 33 is being proposed to ESA Member States at the 2012 Council of Ministers. It offers an efficient framework that will enable and facilitate the execution of future industry-generated PPPs.

The key objective of ARTES 33 is to contribute to the development of innovative satellite telecommunication systems and products in line with ESA strategic objectives with a private partner that will manage the operation, service provision and the construction of the required system with other industrial partners.

The proposed new programme will create the framework for industry to bring innovative products and systems effectively into the marketplace. In particular it will enable new value-added services for end-users that would otherwise not be offered.

ESA is investigating industry generated PPPs to provide a first set of projects to the 2012 Council and is announcing an opportunity for any private party within ESA’s Member States and Canada to propose potential PPPs to help build a strong case for ARTES 33.

Interested companies can contact the Director of ESA Telecommunications and Integrated Applications. See the contact link in the column to the right.

Event Date

25 May 2012
Published 19 June 2012
Last updated at 19 June 2012 - 17:00