ARTES 1 workshop offers a glimpse into future satcom markets

More than 100 participants from ESA´s Member States and Canada attended the ARTES 1 workshop Status and Evolutions of the Satcom Market, which took place the 20 and 21 of January at Space Expo located at ESA´s ESTEC facility in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

The audience included ESA delegates from France, Italy, the UK, Canada,  Norway, and the Netherlands. Presentations of several ARTES 1 studies analysing the status and evolution of the satcom market were given. The studies presented included:

  • Satcom Market Monitoring
  • Assessment of Impact of ARTES programme
  • Use of Satellite Triple Play Services in Emerging Countries
  • Two-way Satellite Market Survey (I)
  • Two-way Satellite Market Survey (II)
  • Survey of Chinese and Indian Telecom Space Industry and Market
  • Emerging Markets and Future Applications

Overall, the information presented at the workshop was well received with the presentations on Two-way Satellite Market Survey receiving the most attention. According to conference organisers, participants from both upstream and downstream industries expressed their specific interests in different parts of the presentations.

The presentations are now available for download. Several of the presentations were also recorded and are available in .wmv format. To download presentations from this workshop, click here or on the presentations link located under related links in the column to the right.

ARTES 1 focuses on defining: market opportunities; regulatory barriers; standards; future frequency spectrum needs; as well as economic and business issues relating to the development of future satellite telecommunications concepts and technologies to assist European and Canadian industry in the development of innovative telecommunication services.

Many ARTES 1 studies are compiled into New Market Intelligence reports that are available to the satcom industry of ESA Member States and Canada in an effort to provide insight and ideas. Click here for more information. Market Intelligence reports are only available to companies located within an ESA Member State or Canada. A password for this website is also required. For more information, see the contact links located in the column to the right.

Event Date

28 January 2010
Published 28 January 2010
Last updated at 28 January 2010 - 16:47