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ARTES Megaconstellation Announcement


The following announcement form serves as advanced notification to initiate the process between ESA, Industry and National Delegations in the context of a Megaconstellation (MC) which may eventually result in a MC ARTES 3-4 activity.

Please complete the form: C&G Megaconstellations Announcement of Activity
and send it to ESA ( if you intend to submit a proposal related to a Megaconstellation opportunity.

This announcement of activity will be disclosed to the National Delegation(s) of the country or countries identified in this form. ESA will not acknowledge receipt of this announcement, however should you require additional information please contact


The dedicated fast-track funding opportunity will run until 30 December 2016
ARTES 3-4 Megaconstellations - Call for Proposals

Published 09 October 2015
Last updated at 20 September 2016 - 12:34