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Avanti launches Music Channel


Avanti Communications of the UK has launched its own music video channel. Called MVN (Music Video Network), the channel is intended to respond to consumer demand and replace audio entertainment with multi-media imagery and uninterrupted audio as well as in-store entertainment and branding experiences.

Several independent bars have already purchased MVN making it a commercial success; MVN grew out of the IMPSAT and ABARIS projects, funded by ESA. About the advantage of working with ESA Telecom, Avanti Communications Chief Executive David Williams said, "Without the assistance of ESA in the early days, we would not have been able to develop such powerful and low cost technology which has enabled the commercial deployment of MVN. I am proud to have been associated with ESA and delighted to deliver a commercial success."

Demand from clients in the pub market, who were asking for a generic music video channel, prompted Avanti to come up with the idea and adding a range of additional features like advertising, private branding and local messaging which are essential for that market. "We are already providing our services to Toni & Guy TV, which is primarily a music channel so it's a natural evolution for us," continued Williams. "We also recognise a growing demand for MVN in other industries like fashion retail, and so are understandably excited about the growth prospects"

The marketplace is potentially quite large and is still untapped. Furthermore it is not currently being serviced by a full in-house solution that also offers commercial gain through third party revenue. "We cannot ignore this massive opportunity for a screen based music channel to various markets and are therefore delighted to announce the launch of MVN," stated Williams. Avanti's successful silent channel, 'Magnetic' currently reaches 320 bars.

Avanti has also re-branded its corporate identity. "Historically this industry has had a fragmented approach to delivery, variously called: captive audience networks, digital screen networks, out of home digital media," stated Williams. "But Avanti's strategic acquisition of Translucis in May 2003 created a full in-house solution. The reasoning behind the re-brand is to focus on the combined synergies that are created from the combination of two companies, years of expertise and experience. This led to the production of a new name - Avanti Screenmedia."

To read more about MVN, IMPSAT or ABARIS, just click on the links on the right of this page.

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22 April 2004
Published 28 November 2012
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