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EMPS and ASMS 2004 Presentations and Papers now online

The 6th edition of the European Mobile & Personal Satellite Communications Workshop (EMPS 2004) took place for the first time, jointly with the 2nd Advanced Satellite Mobile Systems Conference at ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, the Netherlands on 20-22 September 2004.

The purpose of the joint event was to present both the most recent applications and advances in research on mobile satellite systems; as well as to discuss the current and future role of satellite advanced mobile communications solutions and systems.

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The conference was organised by both ESA/ESTEC and the Advanced Satellite Mobile Systems Task Force (ASMS-TF). Giovanni Emanuele Corazza, ASMS-TF Chairman, Professor at the University of Bologna and Riccardo De Gaudenzi from the European Space Agency are Co-Chairs.

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The three day event began with tutorial sessions by Prof. Barry Evans and Prof. Giovanni E. Corazza.

On 21 September, the conference was officially opened by Robert Coirault (Head of Payload division), on behalf of Michael D. Courtois (D/TEC) and Pietro Lo Galbo (Head of ESA Telecom).

This first day emphasised R&D and technological aspects of the conference and included some presentations papers and 18 posters, as well as three invited papers. The final day was made up of demonstrations, exhibitions and panel discussions focusing on market issues.

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In total 176 people registered and many countries outside Europe were represented including Korea, Iran and India.

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Seorin Lee from the Korean company TU Media Corporation and guest speaker was present and thought: "What I saw on the first day, I'll be using as brain-food for future ideas."

Another guest speaker, Harald Ernst of DLR said, "It was very well a organised conference and I'm sure to assist next year."

Several demonstrations took place including: Radio Network Planning Tool from AWE telecommunications, the MODIS Project from Alcatel Space, Hybrid DVB/Inmarsat Broadband Mobile Satellite Services from Telenor Satellite Services, Sirius Radio Equipment exhibition, low profile scanning antennas for satcom "on-the-move" from ERA technology (image right) and the S-UMTS test bed otherwise known as the Multimedia Van from ESA.

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Presentations and papers from all the sessions, as well as from invited speakers and tutorials from the recently completed EMPS/ASMS workshop are now online. To download these click under Related Links on the right of this page.

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12 October 2004

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