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ESA Bulletin features TIA projects


ESA´s November issue of the Bulletin features the Telecommunications and Integrated Applications directorate in two articles.

The first, starting on page 32, is a feature article entitled Hitching a Ride to Orbit, written by the ARTES 8 Alphabus/Alphasat team. Launching and operating dedicated satellites to introduce new services or to validate new technologies can be very expensive. This article describes one solution promoted by ESA in recent years, 'hosted payloads', allowing a win-win-win approach for operators, industry and public institutions alike.

The second article appears on page 63 in the News in Brief section. It highlights the ARTES 5 wearable antenna project. Wearable antennas are making a splash in the world of search and rescue. ESA’s Telecommunications programme has provided research and development guidance to Finnish company Patria, with the help of Tampere University of Technology, in designing an antenna that can be sewn into a life vest.

Other articles in this issue of the Bulletin include a feature article on ESA astronaut André Kuipers . Click here to read this issue.

The Bulletin is published four times a year to inform the space-interested public of ESA’s activities. In addition to a wide range of articles, every issue provides an overview of the status of ESA's major space projects.


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01 December 2011
Published 01 December 2011
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