ESA-Industry team receives IEEE award

The Jack Neubauer Memorial Award for the best systems paper published in the IEEE "Transactions on Vehicular Technology" journal has been given to a joint ESA-industry team. The award ceremony took place at the annual IEEE Vehicular Technology Systems Conference.

The paper "Wide-Band CDMA for the UMTS/IMT-2000 Satellite Component" was co-authored by Daniel Boudreau (CRC- Canada), Giuseppe Caire (EURECOM- France, Giovanni Emanuele Corazza (University of Bologna - Italy), Riccardo De Gaudenzi (ESA ESTEC - The Netherlands), Gennaro Gallinaro (Space Engineering - Italy), Michele Luglio (University of Tor Vergata - Italy), R. Lyons (Square-Peg Comm. - Canada), Javier Romero-García (ESA ESTEC - The Netherlands), A. Vernucci (Space Engineering - Italy), and Hans Peter Widmer (ASCOM R&T - Switzerland).

The work illustrated in the paper was largely performed within the Phase 1 of the ESA Telecom contract 'Robust Modulation and Coding for Satellite Personal Communication Systems'. This work was the basis for an ESA submission for an open standard interface for third generation satellite mobile systems. It was approved by both the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in 1999 and by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) in 2000 as S-UMTS Family A standard.
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The study was then followed by a Phase 2 laboratory testbed development that more recently has been extended into a more advanced satellite S-UMTS testbed under the ESA contract 'S-UMTS Advanced Testbed'. The S-ATB testbed was demonstrated this year at the 1st ASMS TF Conference organized in ESRIN in June, at the ESA SCSP'03 Workshop in Catania, at the Satexpo 2003 and will be shown to IPC delegates at ESTEC at the end of November as a part of the technology Exhibition.

Nominees for the Jack Neubauer Memorial Award are judged on several criteria including uniqueness, quality and readability and archivability. Riccardo De Gaudenzi of ESA ESTEC and a co-recipient of the award said, "I believe the paper summarizes a sound technical and engineering piece of work so I'm pleased we have been recognized for this by IEEE. When presenting those ideas for a terrestrially-derived open S-UMTS standard to the ITU back in 1999 we were a small team facing some industry giants favoring proprietary solutions. Today the idea of having an open standard for S-UMTS close to terrestrial technologies has been widely accepted."

Standardization organizations from Europe and Korea are actively co-operating to achieve an international harmonized S-UMTS standard. ESA and European industry are actively involved in this effort.

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Event Date

25 November 2003
Published 11 December 2003
Last updated at 11 December 2003 - 00:00