ESA Satcom Final Presentations Days: Technology, Products, Systems and Applications

You are invited to our upcoming event, which combines the annual Final Presentation Days of the following three areas:

  • ARTES Future Preparation
  • ARTES Advanced Technology for Platform and Ground Segment
  • RF Payload Technologies and Products (satcom related).

This is a unique opportunity to gain an overview of all the recently completed activities and to discuss them with colleagues from both ESA and industry across the satellite telecommunications sector.

It will be a full week with presentations, networking opportunities, workshops and showcases themed around

  • satcom system & strategy (ARTES Future Preparation),
  • close to the market (ARTES Competitiveness and Growth, ESA Business Applications), and
  • technology development for the future (ARTES Advanced Technology and TRP developments for satcom).

Presentations will also demonstrate the socio-economic impact (product sales, jobs created, societal impact) of ARTES.

This year marks the first that the ARTES Final Presentation Days will include opportunities for elevator pitches. Satcom sector newcomers, SMEs, and established players alike are welcome to come take advantage of Europe’s biggest space industry players all being under one roof for a few days. Priority will be given to the newcomers and SMEs, however.

The usual elevator pitch rules apply: your talk must take no longer than two minutes, and only use a single slide. You can present anything – an idea, a product, or your company – as long as the content is fresh and new. Each pitching session will be scheduled immediately before the coffee breaks to maximise the networking potential.

These Presentation Days are aimed at national delegations, operators, primes and supplier industries from ESA member states, as well as ESA experts.

Participation is free of charge.

More information can be found on the official event website:, where you can also register.



Event location

Newton 1 & 2
Keplerlaan 1
2201 AZ  Noordwijk
the Netherlands

This event is organised by ESA/TIA-TT in collaboration with the ESA/TEC RF payload team.

Paul Robert Nugteren
Technology & Strategy Coordinator

Event Date

29 January 2018 to 02 February 2018
Published 07 September 2017
Last updated at 15 January 2018 - 16:44