ESA Telecom highlights security issues

To make the role of ESA clearer to industry and to raise awareness among the user community on issues related to IP security, ESA Telecom has added a highlights page to User Segment.
The highlights page will be a central point for those interested in security issues for IP broadcasting over satellite. Specialized ESA Telecom projects that address these issues can be accessed and relevant documentation downloaded.

ESA has identified several important issues connected to security, each of equal consequence. Although most users tend to consider Confidentiality to be the most relevant other equally critical issues must not be neglected, such as Authentication and the Non-repudiation of Secure Transactions; both of these should continue to be a point of focus in the future. The very nature of satellite signals is that they are broadcasted; Interception of these signals is an ever-growing concern.

Balanced awareness among the user community of these issues as well as new security technologies is critical to the expansion of internet communications. Adaptation of current unicast technologies to multicast is and will remain an area of on-going attention in the future. ESA considers its role to ensure that technologies can be implemented for satellite communication.

To access the highlights page and view projects related to these issues click on the link on the right-side of this page.


Event Date

02 December 2003
Published 11 December 2003
Last updated at 11 December 2003 - 00:00