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ESA's Satellite for 5G Initiative - Guidelines to submit proposals for Product Development, Demonstrations & Vertical Pilots

Under the umbrella of the Satellite for 5G Initiative, ESA - together with many satellite industry leaders, agreed to join forces by signing a Joint Statement in June 2017 with the aim of enabling future opportunities for the space sector as integral part of the future generation of 5G networks and services.

The initiative covers the whole life cycle of the product development from its definition up to its piloting in an operational scenario. Products include satcom ground, space, system and application/service elements and they can address all 5G relevant market sectors including but not limited to transport, public safety and media.

In this context, ESA welcomes unsolicited proposals submissions covering one or more of the following activities:

  • Definition Phase to consolidate the product requirements and system analysis
  • Technology Development to mitigate the technology risks
  • Product Development to develop and demonstrate 5G products and services
  • Applications Development and Vertical Pilots to demonstrate the product based on 5G networks in an operational scenario

Please fill in the pitch form here provided. For Pitch form submissions and inquiries, feel free to email us at:

Upon submission of the form, the Agency will provide feedback within 10 working days and will guide you through the following steps.



Published 22 June 2018
Last updated at 22 June 2018 - 11:22