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Eutelsat VSAT Type Approval Certificate for DESNET


The Strategic Communication Group of Marconi Mobile has obtained from Eutelsat the Type Approval Certificate number EA-V036 for the VSAT Earth station model DESNET 2000-24.

DESNET is a node element of a Satellite VSAT Network designed to support Multimedia Applications such as Tele-Medicine, Tele-Education or just Videoconference.

DESNET SCPC DAMA/PAMA satellite network is be designed to support variable rate data services up to 2048 kbit/s in a meshed network configuration (single satellite hop). The actual data rate of each connection will be limited by the class of the RF head of the satellite terminals involved in the session.

The VSAT class remote network elements (earth stations) are named DES (Data Earth Stations); the control of the DES baseband subsystem is based on the industry-standard PC platform such to yield a compact, powerful, scalable and cost-effective station architecture.

The system includes an integral dynamic session booking and bandwidth allocation system to support fully automatic set-up and tear down of: - point to point data or videoconference sessions:

  • multipoint continous presence or chairman-controlled videoconferences

  • DVB/SCPC broadcasting on a scheduled time basis.

A centralised network Monitor & Control system allows complete supervision of the active DESs from a single central site designed as CNCC (Centralized Network Control Center); the CNCC is supported by an enhanced DES architecture.

The network control functions are carried out relying on a dedicated internal signalling network via satellite in order to provide self-standing operation with no need of terrestrial or auxiliary networking support.

The system is designed to operate in Ku (12/14 GHz) band through commercially available bent-pipe transponders. Also other commercial bands (C, Ka) can be used with small modifications. DESNET VSAT Network has been developed with co-financing from ESA in the frame of ARTES 3 Multimedia Programme.

Event Date

22 September 2000
Published 06 July 2004
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