Faster access to web data via satellites and a SiMPLE software package

Rapid growth of the internet, internet services and the world wide web has created high demand for communications bandwidth for fast access to web contents and also the need to design innovative network concepts harmonising satellite and terrestrial network technologies.

GMS GmbH of Salzburg, in co-operation with the computer department at Salzberg University, has developed the SiMPLE software package: Satellite Interactive Multimedia Platform for Low-cost Earth stations. This work has been developed by ESA under the ARTES initiative.

Delivering focused-content web data fast, SiMPLE offers multicast (point to multipoint) web caching and replication services to deliver the most frequently accessed web contents to registered sites or directly to end-users. Because of its reliance on multicasting techniques, SiMPLE is ideally suited for use in a satellite environment, where it also eliminates slow speed slow speed connection to Internet Service Providers and efficiently utilises the space segment capacity. With development now complete, SiMPLE is close to market readiness.

The package is currently being trialed by Austrian Telekom providing high speed web access for schools. Satellite connectivity, in conjunction with SiMPLE, gives this network additional bandwidth for internet access.

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18 May 2000
Published 06 July 2004
Last updated at 06 July 2004 - 00:00