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March Networks Corporation has completed their ESA Telecom funded project TeLeCare by successfully demonstrating a video-enabled telehealth via satellite system that can be delivered over any network.

The completion of the project means that March Networks can now offer a variety of services for patient monitoring and record keeping as well as giving patients the ability to interact with a healthcare professional on demand. The TeLeCare demonstrations were conducted in July during the Telemedicine Symposium at ESRIN in Frascati Italy and at ESTEC in Noordwijk the Netherlands.

Telesat Canada was the Prime Contractor of the project and as early as fall 2004 can begin providing HomeCare via satellite services using its fleet of satellites including the recently launched Anik F2.

The TeleCare project started just under a year ago in November 2003 and aimed at a commercially viable solution for patients needing health care in remote areas. It required the construction of the Healthcare Monitoring Kit (see image at top-left) and focused on the development of web-based application that would act as a communications interface allowing the solution to be deployed over two-way satellite. Fundamentally an IP-based solution, TeLeCare makes use of many Open Standards to enhance interoperability.

"Remote video visiting and healthcare monitoring offer the opportunity to help reduce the current strains on healthcare systems around the world," states Peter Strom, president and CEO, March Networks. "This development effort extends the capabilities of our telehealth solution enabling rural and remote regions to leverage next-generation telehealth technology and benefit from improved access to care and lower-cost healthcare delivery."

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March Networks will continue to demonstrate the telehealth system in the coming months at a number of telehealth and home care events including the Wales Telehealth Summit, September 14-15 and Showcase Ontario, September 13-15 in Toronto Canada; as well as other demonstrations throughout North America.

To read more about the ESA funded project TeLeCare, just click on the link provided on the right of this page.

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21 September 2004
Published 21 September 2004
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