Interest in 'Global Reach' growing

A recent report published by Alcatel Space, Avanti Communications and the European Space Agency states that there is evidence of a huge demand for the 'Global Reach' initiative. According to potential users the initiative should be started as soon as possible.

Global Reach is an initiative which is endeavouring to bring interactive and non-interactive services to users on a worldwide scale. It is to be community-oriented and a key aspect of this approach is the fact that access will be limited to Non-Profit-Organisations. This avoids competition with commercial activities and brings satcom benefits to those areas, which for economic reasons do not normally receive them.

The report called "Global Reach Conclusions" states that the 'most important conclusion' is: "Global Reach is an opportunity for the space industry to position itself in Europe and overseas, playing a starter role in the development of isolated areas by sustaining Non-Profit-Organisations in their own mission."

In order to bring Global Reach closer to a reality, four items are to be addressed. The first being the positive effect it will have on European Standards and Solutions, especially those in DVB RCS. Market preparation of future satellite platforms is another important item, as catching user interest and determining real demand is essential to success.

Thirdly, both European and international users could both be served by Global Reach. The space industry will therefore receive additional sustainability. Lastly, a project such as Mediaspace may be used as a 'kick-off' solution for Global Reach. The similar services and system requirements between the two projects can lead to a widening of the industry alliance with ESA in a leadership role.

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01 July 2003
Published 04 September 2003
Last updated at 04 September 2003 - 00:00