IP Security Demonstrator to be Installed at ESTEC

A demonstrator testbed which will serve as a platform for applications developed under ARTES programmes is being installed at ESA ESTEC Noordwijk Netherlands. Installation will be completed on 12 September.Developed and integrated by IABG mbH in Ottobrunn, Germany for ESTEC, the testbed will provide users the ability to demonstrate secure applications over satellite. The key feature of this demonstrator is that security mechanisms form an integral part of its design and operation.

In addition to providing a demonstration facility for security over satellite, the testbed will also serve the purpose of increasing in-house knowledge on security technologies and products, assessing the performance of IPsec over real or simulated links, and most importantly to provide a platform which can test the usability of applications over satellite in conjunction with security mechanisms.

On 12th September, a final presentation will be given by the IABG development team on the development of the demonstrator. Roberto Donadio, the ESA Technical Officer responsible for the project, will also be present to answer questions. Space constraints will limit the number of participants to 25, therefore, those wishing to attend and be the first to see the demonstrator in use, should contact Roberto Donadio by clicking on the link at the top right hand corner of this page.

Afterwards, the demonstrator will be available for general use. By making use of the demonstrator, companies will be be able to find out if their applications work and perform satisfactorily in a secure environment. Connection speed and reliability should not be compromised when trying to achieve a secure environment.

Event Date

04 September 2003
Published 04 September 2003
Last updated at 04 September 2003 - 00:00