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Magali Vaissiere wins 2018 Sir Arthur Clarke Space Achievement Award


On 1st of November, ESA Director Magali Vaissiere won the Space Achievement Award in the Industry/Project Individual section.

Magali Vaissiere together with the hosts of the Sir Arthur Clarke Gala Awards Dinner, Bill Nye (left) and Dallas Campbell (right). Credit: BIS

Present since 2005, the Sir Arthur Clarke Awards recognize the teams and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to all space activities in the past year.

Both the general public and experts in the field were invited to cast their nominations for eight different achievement categories.

The Judging Panel, chaired by Mrs Angie Edwards, daughter of Fred Clarke and niece of Sir Arthur, had the difficult task of selecting the three finalists for each section. The winners were announced at the British Interplanetary Society’s Reinventing Space Conference in London on 1st of November.

We are delighted to announce that Magali Vaissiere, the head of ESA’s Directorate of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications, won the Award for the Industry/Project Individual section.

She fought against hard competition, with Robert Hill (Director at Northern Ireland Space Office) and Emily Gravestock (Head of Strategy at UK Space Agency) being the other finalists.  

“The Arthur” Award, as it is commonly known, comes as a well-deserved recognition for Magali’s decade-long commitment to making the European Space sector more competitive globally. Her Directorate reflects the major increase in telecommunication activities in today’s world and the new perspectives opened by the rise of “New Space” and the development of Public Private Partnerships between ESA and Industry. This has been achieved in parallel to providing support for the growth of downstream applications in field such transport, health, energy and security.

The complete list of winners can be seen below: 

  • Space Achievement – Industry/Project Team: Oxford Space Systems
  • Space Achievement – Industry/Project Individual: Magali Vaissiere
  • Space Achievement – Academic Study/Research: The UK Cassini-Huygens Team
  • Space Achievement – Education and Outreach Team: The ESSERO-UK Space Ambassadors
  • Space Achievement – Education and Outreach Individual: Vix Southgate
  • Space Achievement – Student: Robert Garner
  • Space Achievement – Media, broadcast and written: The BBC2 ‘Astronauts - Do You Have What It Takes?’
  • Lifetime Achievement: Richard Peckham
  • International Achievement: The SpaceX Falcon Team

The winners of the 2018 Sir Arthur Clarke Space Achievement Awards. Credit: BIS


Published 06 November 2018
Last updated at 06 November 2018 - 14:26