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Newcomers and Megaconstellations


It is worth emphasising that newcomers to the ARTES programme are perfectly eligible to obtain ESA support through its new Megaconstellations initiative.

A newcomer is defined as any SME that has not worked for ESA within the past ten years. They are welcome to apply through the “ARTES Entry” route, which is a part of the ARTES “Competitiveness and Growth” element*.

Importantly, the ARTES Entry route enables funding of up to 75% of the total activity cost, up to a maximum funding by the Agency (“ESA price”) of €250,000.

In most respects, entry to our fast track Megaconstellations initiative by a newcomer is the same as for any other player. When responding to the Call for Proposals Megaconstellation AO 8468, use the standard form provided in the Announcement of Activity document and simply state that you are a newcomer who wishes to use the ARTES Entry route. ESA will then contact you directly to assess your case on an individual basis.

This special Call for Proposals for Megaconstellations will remain open until 31 July 2016. 

Please note that the fast track process is currently limited to space segment, whether platform or payload. Ground segment proposals may be submitted via the standard process for the Competitiveness and Growth element, using the existing Call for Proposals for ARTES 3-4 AO5891 and/or ARTES 5.2 AO6000.

*All the ARTES elements have recently been renamed: “Competitiveness and Growth” was created from a merger of ARTES 3-4 and ARTES 5.2, whilst “ARTES Entry” was previously known as the Newcomers’ Initiative.

Published 13 January 2016
Last updated at 13 January 2016 - 10:49