Planning information concerning announced Invitations To Tender for Alphabus equipment phase C/D developments

Further to the announcements of invitations to tender for Alphabus equipments, the Alphabus prime contractors Alcatel Space and EADS Astrium and the Agency have taken note of the interest declared.

The ITT data packages are currently under preparation and are planned to be dispatched to interested bidders according to the below planning.

ITT issue planned by mid July:

- Helium Tank
- Xe Tank
- Central Tube
- structural panels (EMTIS announcement will be issued shortly)

ITT issue planned by end August:

- Electric propulsion mechanism
- Wheels
- Inertia sensors
- Star sensors
- Sun sensors
- Battery

ITT on hold

- Xe regulator: So far no interest declaration has been received from any European or Canadian company. The Alphabus prime contractors and the Agency are currently assessing the situation and the associated ITT is kept on hold.

ITTs to be cancelled:

- Infrared Earth Sensor (IRES): The existing European product is foreseen on the first Alphabus satellites, which does not require a further development.

Alphabus is the industrial programme for the development of a generic line of large platforms. Alcatel Space and EADS Astrium are cooperating to develop and market Alphabus with the objective to compete successfully on the global commercial sitcom market. The objective of the phase C/D programme is to establish the Alphabus product line and to procure its first flight model.

Event Date

06 July 2004
Published 07 July 2004
Last updated at 07 July 2004 - 00:00