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Presentations for the Telecom Applications Workshop 2006 now online


Presentations from the recently completed 2006 Telecom Applications Workshop held at ESA ESTEC in Noordwijk the Netherlands are now available on-line. Each of the twenty-six presentations can be downloaded for your reference.

Held on 22 and 23 November 2006, the workshop was attended by roughly 80 people and featured remote video viewed by approximately 30 more people. The workshop had two main goals. Firstly, to share knowledge and experience in satcom applications that has been built up over recent years within the ESA Telecom programmes. Secondly, to help individuals and companies involved in ESA's Telecom Applications Projects get acquainted with each other and encourage building relationships among participants.

This year's workshop saw Project Teams from Europe and Canada meet and present their projects and give opinions on a wide array of topics. It was opened by Mr Francesco Feliciani, from ESA Telecom, in which he outlined ESA's Applications programme and how it is the 'bridge between end users and technology'.

Farid Meinkoehn presenting IMSATV

Mark Cronin from Arqiva

A presentation from Mr Norbert Huebner from ESA Telecom focused on several areas on Attracting Investors. He also spoke about the European Space Incubators Network (ESINET), a unique platform for supporting entrepreneurs to establish start-up companies.

Secondly, Mr Huebner mentioned INVESaT, a European initiative which aims to bridge the gap between innovative SMEs and financial investors in emerging markets (see external links at the right of this page).

Dr Hans Stromeyer closed the second session with a presentation on his conclusions from the ARTES Venture Academy 2006. The Venture Academy offers SMEs the opportunity for face to face coaching on how to approach investors.

Fernando Vallejo Lázaro from Alcatel Alenia Space

The two-day workshop continued with presentations from ESA Telecom supported applications projects on:

  • Assessing and Exploiting IP Networks for New Applications

  • Interactive Tele-training and Info Channel for Health Care Professionals

  • Broadband on Trains - A Review of the Current Situation

  • Video Assistance and Tele Home Care for Chronic Patients

  • Satcom for the Consumer Market

  • Bridging the Gap of Geographic Isolation through Telemedicine

  • The ESA Charter for Applications Platforms Initiative

The workshop closed with two presentations. Mr Frank Zeppenfeldt spoke about Security and Mr Carlo Elia presented his ideas on Future Opportunities for Telecom Applications.

Gregor Siegert from Avanti Communications

Norbert Huebner stated at the closing of the workshop, "The consistency of the Applications Workshops is providing a stable environment for networking. The recent addition of the Venture Academy is giving project teams insights into the requirements of investors. When, which and whether to approach investors and teaching best practices."

Remote participation
The remote participation was successfully received at several sites: ESA/ESRIN in Italy, the University of Salzburg in Austria, the University of Graz in Austria, University Tor Vergata Italy and the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom, as well as the Information Society Technologies (IST) event, Helsinki Finland.

Moritz Endrich presenting SARFOS

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29 November 2006
Published 16 April 2013
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