SAT-AIS - PPP scheme elaboration ITT issued

ESA's ARTES 21 has issued an Invitation to Tender that concerns the elaboration of Public Private Partnership (PPP) schemes for the SAT-AIS Project. Closing date is 12/09/2011.

It includes the following:

1. Investigate and propose possible PPP schemes for the SAT-AIS covering one or more of the following elements: SAT-AIS Operator, Commercial Service Provider and existing/planned satellite AIS Operator.

2. Define the possible industrial organization, financial/responsibilities/risk sharing scheme and associated conditions.

3. Define the operation and service provision concept, including the definition of the value-added services.

4. Analyze the global SAT-AIS market (target customers, market size, predicted market share) and assess the competitive environment.

5. Devise a cost and pricing strategy.

6. Provide a business plan based on relevant inputs from the Phase A/Phase B1 studies or costing data of existing/planned operational systems. (Note: 4 or 5 Studies of EUR 200,000 each)

Details of this opportunity can be found on ESA’s Electronic Mail Invitation to Tendering System, EMITS under the reference AO 6832. For more information, visit EMITS.

Event Date

08 July 2011
Published 08 July 2011
Last updated at 08 July 2011 - 16:57