SatLabs Group organises second DVB-RCS Symposium

The second SatLabs DVB-RCS Symposium will be held on Tuesday, 11 September 2007 at ESTEC in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, from 9:45 to 17:30.

The purpose of the DVB-RCS Symposium is to bring together existing and potential users, operators and service providers, managers and policy makers, equipment manufacturers and non-profit organizations in an environment where they can find solutions and create business opportunities with DVB-RCS. The symposium's aim is to present uses and solutions based on the DVB-RCS technology, to discuss market and technological trends as well as the advantages and possibilities offered by the DVB-RCS standard, and to help define the future evolution of the technology so it can meet the new challenges that will arise.

The event will feature key speakers from the industry, standards development organizations, industry forums, and satellite network operators. It will be a unique opportunity to understand the benefits of the only multi-vendor VSAT standard and have concrete feedback on many significant network deployments.

The symposium is targeted at any company or organization, private or public, involved in or considering getting involved in DVB-RCS usage. This includes satellite operators, service providers, equipment manufacturers, users and user groups, educational organizations, regulatory bodies and policy makers.

The symposium will feature invited speakers only and is free of charge to attend. The date in September was chosen so participants may combine travel with participation at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Commercial deployment of DVB-RCS
* Success stories and deployment study cases
* Business cases
* User needs and requirements
* Cost trends

Applications and DVB-RCS Solutions

* Hybrid terrestrial-satellite networks (e.g. WiFi, WiMax)
* Mobile DVB-RCS
* Transparent and regenerative meshed networks
* Consumer and business applications

DVB-RCS interoperability
* SatLabs qualification and certification program
* SatLabs Version 2 recommendations
* SatLabs Version 2 certification, Hub verification and interoperability testing
* Practical interoperability results and demonstrations

DVB-RCS implementation aspects
* DVB-RCS trends and future perspectives
* DVB-RCS with DVB-S2
* Low cost solutions (e.g. equipment, installation, service provision)

The SatLabs Symposium is organized by the SatLabs Group (see external links).

SatLabs Group

The SatLabs Group is an international, not-for-profit association whose members are committed to bringing the deployment of the DVB-RCS standard to large-scale adoption. Membership in SatLabs is formed by service providers, satellite operators, system integrators, terminal manufacturers and technology providers with an interest in DVB-RCS. The main goal of the SatLabs Group is to ensure interoperability between DVB-RCS terminals and systems and to achieve low-cost solutions.

Registration information  as well as the agenda are available by clicking on the related links located at the right of this page. For more information, contact Stephane Combes, Senior Engineer, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

Event Date

07 August 2007
Published 03 July 2012
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