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VeriSat to deliver DVB-RCS terminal certification test bed


ESA awarded a contract to VeriSat in December 2003 which requires VeriSat to deliver a Common Test Bed for DVB-RCS terminals (operational in late 2004). The test bed will be used in the DVB-RCS terminal certification programme which is currently under development by the SatLabs Group.The Common Test Bed is an essential tool for executing the terminal qualification testing. It is being developed as an independent test system with a dedicated design for terminal testing. The Common Test Bed will offer all the necessary functionality to perform the certification tests. These tests are described in the SatLabs-approved DVB-RCS Compliance and Interoperability Outline Test Plan which is based on the DVB-RCS standard and the SatLabs System Recommendations.

Currently, the development of the test bed is proceeding according to plan. The test bed is designed to be upgradeable to support future DVB-RCS enhancements such as DVB-S2 and future interoperability requirements.

The Norwegian company VeriSat was established in 2002 with the mission of offering DVB-RCS test equipment. The VeriSat DVB-RCS Forward Link Analyser is now used by more than 10 companies and has become the industry standard for DVB-RCS signalling verification.

The contract was awarded to VeriSat as a result of an open competition tender. This has provided a very solid foundation for the CTB development. VeriSat's independence from any DVB-RCS implementation provides the impartiality required by a certification tool.

The SatLabs Group is an international, not-for-profit association whose members are committed to bringing the deployment of the DVB-RCS standard to large-scale adoption. Membership in SatLabs is formed by service providers, satellite operators, system integrators, terminal manufacturers and technology providers with an interest in DVB-RCS. The main goal of the SatLabs Group is to ensure interoperability between DVB-RCS terminals and systems and to achieve low-cost solutions.

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14 April 2004
Published 14 April 2004
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