Webraska reports findings on Real-Time Navigation study

Phase one allowed Webraska to identify the most promising applications for their off-board navigation technology in the professional market using satellite communication networks. By making a review of currently available satellite services, they were able to identify the most suitable geo-stationary and low-earth-orbit satellite communication systems for the identified applications and services.

Webraska are developers of IbDN (Internet based Distributed Navigation) technology and are renowned worldwide for off board navigation solutions in the Automotive, Telematics and Telecommunication markets. IbDN technology allows transferring to users terminals (PDA's, smartphones and other small devices) detailed routing and real-time navigation information plus traffic information, compressed in a few tens of kilobytes, through a simple internet connection. The extension to satellite telecommunication networks will open new interesting opportunities to the IbDN technology for all those users that require comprehensive and continuous coverage.

Extensive development will be carried out during phase 2, when communication between the two systems (geo-stationary and LEO) and user interface terminals like PDA's will be made possible. Webraska plans to greatly extend accuracy and will be exploiting the advantages of EGNOS to achieve this. Phase 3 will include testing of beta versions for the two systems. The entire project should be completed by November of this year.

Further into the future, a large market potential and enormous follow on benefits are expected especially in the areas of connectivity systems for cars. Partnerships already exist with other companies to eventually develop and deploy fleet management systems using 'position-reporting-technologies' like GPS.

Webraska's initial contact with ESA Telecom came in the 2nd round of the ESA's Start-up Initiative. Click on the link on the top-right of this page to read the Webraska project page.

15/05/2003 - 00:00
Published 25 July 2003
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