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  • First satellite in European SpaceDataHighway forges 20,000 successful laser links

    The European Data Relay System (EDRS)—dubbed the “SpaceDataHighway” by its private operator, Airbus—has passed another milestone.

  • Europe's laser satellite in ship shape for 2019

    Having spent the past six months being poked, prodded and shaken, EDRS-C has ticked off another milestone towards being launched this summer.

  • EDRS-C on the home stretch

    ESA’s laser satellite EDRS-C has settled at its new home in Munich for the last tests before launch. This final set will make sure the satellite and its optical payload can withstand the challenging conditions of lift off and subsequent life in space once launched next year.

  • Airbus Defence & Space launches SpaceDataHighway challenge

    12 January 2017 – Airbus Defence & Space, which developed the European Data Relay Satellite system (EDRS) in private-public partnership with ESA, has launched the SpaceDataHighway competition and will award up to €75k to the winning idea.

  • Start of service for Europe’s SpaceDataHighway

    23 November 2016 - The European Data Relay System began servicing Europe’s Earth observing Copernicus programme yesterday, transferring observations in quasi-real time using cutting-edge laser technology. 

  • EDRS-A payload ready for liftoff

    9 December 2015 – After a year-long wait for a Proton launcher to become available, the EDRS-A laser communications payload and its Eutelsat host satellite have arrived at the Baikonur cosmodrome and are being prepared for a late-January launch.

  • Sentinel-1A—Alphasat laser link delivers excellent stability and robustness

    5 August 2015 – Having recently completed 100 communication sessions, the optical inter-satellite link between Sentinel-1A  and Alphasat is delivering excellent stability and robustness under various conditions, and represents a global first.

  • EDRS roundtable from Le Bourget now online

    21 June 2015 – Last week's roundtable discussion on EDRS services at Le Bourget that was moderated by Magali Vaissiere, Director of TIA, is now online. Find out more about Europe's bold vision for a space datahighway.

  • EDRS services for Copernicus

    25 February 2015 – ESA and the European Commission announce that the European Data Relay System (EDRS) will provide services to the EU Copernicus programme, which is to serve as its anchor customer.

  • Testing Sentinel-2A for the European Data Relay System

    11 February 2015 – As Sentinel-2A nears the end of testing before being shipped to its launch site, one of the last jobs has been to make sure the satellite’s laser terminal is up to the job of delivering large volumes of data to the geostationary EDRS satellite.