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  • Alphasat hosted payload programme to be extended

    20 December 2016 — ESA, Inmarsat, and payload providers have agreed to continue the very successful Alphasat hosted payload programme for another three years.

  • New heat dissipater keeps satellites cool in space

    13 July 2016 – With support from ESA, a European consortium led by Airbus DS has developed a novel Deployable Panel Radiator that will provide much-needed additional radiating capacity for highly dissipative payloads, such as those planned for the next generation of very high throughput satellites.

  • Sentinel-1A—Alphasat laser link delivers excellent stability and robustness

    5 August 2015 – Having recently completed 100 communication sessions, the optical inter-satellite link between Sentinel-1A  and Alphasat is delivering excellent stability and robustness under various conditions, and represents a global first.

  • Inmarsat transfers BGAN services to Alphasat

    27 March 2015 – UK satcoms operator Inmarsat has transferred its Broadband Global Area Network services to Alphasat, the advanced telecommunications satellite developed in a partnership between Inmarsat and ESA. Inmarsat will be using Alphasat to provide BGAN-based safety services across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

  • First commercial airline for Alphasat air safety service

    News: satellite-based air traffic management is now a step closer

    Hawaiian Airlines (USA) has announced it will be the first commercial airline installing Inmarsat’s (UK) SwiftBroadband-Safety, a new air safety service for trans-oceanic flights that has been designed and developed through the Alphasat Private Public Partnership between Inmarsat and ESA.

  • Alphasat's Q/V-band payload ready for action

    European scientists can begin testing the higher-frequency Q- and V-bands at 38 and 48 GHz., as Alphasat´s ‘Aldo Paraboni Q/V Band´ hosted payload is now operational.

  • NetCaster brings live yacht racing action to Fastnet fans

    Netcaster, an innovative new solution for iphones and ipads, developed by Livewire Digital, brought live action video and images from competitiors in the Rolex Fastnet yacht race to fans around the world.

  • Alphasat launches successfully

    Developed through a public-private partnership (PPP) and supported by the ARTES programme, Alphasat the largest European telecommunications satellite, has successfully launched from French Guiana.

  • Alphasat

    The primary objective of ESA under the Alphasat Programme is to facilitate an early first flight, and in-orbit validation of the Alphabus platform, currently under development with industry.

  • Alphabus: An Extended European Capability

    With the Alphabus product line, European Industry extends its telecommunication satellite range significantly beyond the capabilities of the existing platforms, such as Eurostar 3000 and Spacebus 4000, both with respect to maximum payload power and mass. This development has been initiated, by ESA and CNES, as a coordinated European response to the increased market demand for larger telecommunication payloads for new broadband, broadcasting and mobile communications services.