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  • Megaconstellation as Enablers for New Service and Applications Opportunities

    Open Invitation To Tender - Closing date: 30 December 2016

    The main purpose of this activity is to identify and analyse services and applications for which a disruptive change could emerge from the deployment of mega-constellations. The activity shall focus on the down-stream space applications segment and shall characterize concrete service opportunities.

  • Newcomers and Megaconstellations

    13 January 2016 – The ARTES Megaconstellations initiative welcomes newcomers! If you are a newcomer to the ARTES programme, this what you need to know to apply for funding.

  • Fast-tracking support for Megaconstellations: a first step

    15 October 2015 – The Megaconstellations Industry Information Day held on 6 October at ESTEC enabled representatives from European and Canadian space industry to learn more about ESA's new Megaconstellation Workplan, which is designed to support the European and Canadian space industry's competitiveness in the various megaconstellation initiatives that have been announced around the world.

  • ARTES Megaconstellation Announcement

    How to indicate your intention to submit a proposal

    The attached announcement form serves as advanced notification to initiate the process between ESA, Industry and National Delegations may eventually result in an ARTES Megaconstellation activity.