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  • ScyLight Workshop on Optical Communication 2019

    5-6 June, Bucharest (Romania)

    ESA and Industry experts are invited to showcase and discuss the latest developments in the domain of optical activities under the ScyLight umbrella and beyond. Pitch talks available. 

  • Second ScyLight Workshop 2018 Highlights

    On the 6th and 7th June 2018, the second annual ScyLight workshop took place in the historic Italian town of Florence, providing the opportunity to the stakeholders to network and share ongoing activities.

  • 10 New Business and Research Partners Join Quartz

    Following ESA’s recent agreement with an SES-led consortium to support the Quantum Cryptography Telecommunication System (QUARTZ), SES has announced ten new project partners including universities, research organisations and leading industry partners that have joined the consortium.

  • Space Photons Bring a New Dimension to Cryptography

    ESA and its partners will investigate how satellites can distribute photon ‘keys’ to help secure encryption.

  • ScyLight Workshop on Optical Communication 2018

    6-7 June 2018, Florence, Italy

    The workshop will give an opportunity for you to present and discuss the progress and advances that have been made in the optical communication domain since last year.

  • ESA and industry propose ScyLight roadmap

    ScyLight is the new ARTES programme element dedicated to Optical Communication technologies and space based Quantum Cryptography,

  • ARTES ScyLight Call for Proposals has been issued

    The dedicated ARTES ScyLight Call for Proposals (CfP) has been issued and is online on EMITS, Invitation to Tender number AO8893. You will find the dedicated Outline Proposal templates in the Documents Section.

  • ARTES ScyLight Call For Ideas

    ESA is pleased to invite members of the satellite communication industry from European Member States and Canada to participate in the ARTES ScyLight Call For Ideas. ESA is looking for proposals for long-term preliminary studies and technology development-related activities.

  • A full house for ESA's ScyLight industry day

    21 February 2017 – The large turnout for this recent event indicates tremendous interest in optical technologies within the satellite communications industry.

  • ScyLight Outline Proposal template is now available

    New templates now available for ESA's latest ARTES programme element: ScyLight