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  • Space-Enabled Internet of things shown in Berlin

    ESA’s first live demonstration of 5G by satellite began last week, as an ingenious set-up of European space and ground nodes showed a crowd in Berlin how it can help connect devices in the much-lauded ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).

  • Collaboration to support Europe’s 5G vertical markets

    The 5G Infrastructure Association (5G IA) and the European Space Agency (ESA) have signalled their intent to work together to enable new and innovative 5G solutions and services in support of European industry and the 5G vertical markets.

  • 5G and Space for Societies Workshop

    21 Nov 2018, ESTEC, Noordwijk (The Netherlands)

    ESA Business Applications will host a workshop to showcase the impact that the integration of 5G and space can make to societies, offering a platform where Industry, Institutions, local communities, representatives of vertical sectors and National Delegations can be informed and discuss planned new initiatives.

  • Integration of Non-Terrestrial Solutions in the 5G Standardisation Roadmap

    The focal point for the development of mobile systems beyond 3G has become the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).The decisions reached during the last 3GPP plenary meeting in La Jolla (San Diego, US) pave the way for the successful integration of satellites in 5G. 

  • ESA's Satellite for 5G Initiative - Guidelines to submit proposals for Product Development, Demonstrations & Vertical Pilots

    ESA now welcomes unsolicited proposal submissions covering the whole product development life cycle. 

  • Space Technology to drive Autonomous Ships

    ESA Director General Jan Wörner signed a Memorandum of Intent with Rolls-Royce today, as the two entities agree to investigate how space technology can be used to develop autonomous and remote-controlled ships.

  • European Roadmap for Satellite 5G Trials

    5G is expected to bring a revolution in telecommunications; and a coordinated, Pan-European approach to trials is essential if Europe is to achieve leadership in 5G technology, network deployment and penetration of 5G services in key vertical markets.



    The SATis5 testbed will implement, deploy and evaluate an integrated satellite-terrestrial 5G network, showcasing the benefits of the satellite integration with the terrestrial infrastructures in order to increase the trust in the newly developed 5G technologies and to foster their adoption.

  • Signing up for Satellite-5G convergence

    The on-going development of 5th Generation (5G) communication networks provides a unique opportunity for a seamless integration of satellites with terrestrial networks, an opportunity that the space industry should capitalise on by working closely with the terrestrial sector in areas of mutual interest, such as interoperability, network orchestration and spectrum use.

  • ESA/ESPI conference on ‘Space and Satcom for 5G

    Conference: 27 - 28 June, Brussels (Belgium)

    ESA and ESPI are co-organizing the conference "Space and SATCOM for 5G: European Transport and Connected Mobility", which will take place in Brussels on 27 - 28 June 2017.