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  • Huge satellite shipping container arrives in Cannes

    A protective container specially designed for the new family of telecommunications satellites developed under ESA’s Spacebus Neo Partnership Project has arrived in Cannes.


  • Shaken but not stirred: Konnect satellite completes vibration tests

    The first Spacebus Neo satellite – Konnect, a high-throughput satellite ordered by Eutelsat – has successfully completed its mechanical test campaign in Thales Alenia Space facilities in Cannes.

  • Very High Throughput Satellite ready to pump heat

    Thales Alenia Space has delivered the first Spacebus Neo payload module structure, including the first ever Mechanically Pumped Loop (MPL) to be mounted on a telecommunication satellite designed for 15 years of in-orbit service. It will be flown on the SES-17 satellite that is due to start service operations in 2021.

  • Eurostar Neo’s first large scale structure test completed

    After intense engineering work, Eurostar Neo’s central cone was recently put through rigorous qualification testing, which it successfully completed at the end of April.

  • First Spacebus NEO Service Module Assembled

    On 27 December 2018, Thales Alenia Space assembled the avionics and Xenon propulsion modules to form the service module of the first Spacebus Neo satellite, KONNECT, a high throughput satellite ordered by Eutelsat.

  • Pillar of strength for Europe’s all-electric satellites

    Three of Europe’s latest line of all-electric Spacebus Neo satellites are in production, proving new materials and industry cooperation.

  • Electric propulsion modules for Spacebus Neo to be built in Ireland

    18 October 2016 – Thales Alenia Space UK’s new Electric Propulsion Integration Centre in Belfast will supply electric propulsion modules for Spacebus Neo, part of the ARTES Neosat programme.

  • New heat dissipater keeps satellites cool in space

    13 July 2016 – With support from ESA, a European consortium led by Airbus DS has developed a novel Deployable Panel Radiator that will provide much-needed additional radiating capacity for highly dissipative payloads, such as those planned for the next generation of very high throughput satellites.

  • ESA and Airbus DS sign Eurostar Neo agreement

    17 November 2015 – The contract for full development of Eurostar Neo has been signed today at ESA headquarters in Paris by ESA's Magali Vassiere and Eric Béranger, head of space systems programmes at Airbus Defence and Space, in the presence of Jan Woerner, ESA’s Director General.

  • Neosat moves into high gear

    15 September 2015 – ESA and Thales Alenia Space have signed a contract for the full development and qualification of a new line of satellite platforms called Spacebus Neo. The agreement marks the next phase of the ARTES 14 Neosat programme.