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  • Alphasat's journey to meet its launcher

    Alphasat travels to Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana and is tested and fuelled ready for the launch on Ariane 5, scheduled for 25 July.

  • New website launched showcasing the Alphasat public-private space project

    Find out more about the latest in the development and launch plans for Alphasat at the dedicated Alphasat website.

  • Alphasat experiences heaven on Earth

    Tucked away in a vacuum chamber for several months, Europe´s largest telecom satellite has faced the harsh conditions it will deal with once it is launched into space this summer.

  • Alphasat Services and Ground Segment Presentations Day 2012

    Alphabus is the first European Large Platform for geostationary telecommunication satellites of up to 22 KW payload power and up to 1400 kg payload mass. The Alphasat satellite is the first mission based on the Alphabus platform.

  • ESA and Inmarsat launch Applications Development Initiative for Alphasat

    ESA will launch an Open Call For Proposals in March 2011 to support the Alphasat Application Development Initiative. To learn more about this initiative, a special workshop will take place at Inmarsat in London on Wednesday 23 February.

  • Alphasat Services and Ground Segment Presentations Day announced

    ESA´s ESTEC facility in Noordwijk, The Netherlands will be host to the Alphasat Services and Ground Segment Presentations Day on 1 November, 2012.

  • Alphabus in Race to the Market

    Europe's first 12-18 kW telecommunications satellite platform otherwise known as Alphabus is slated to begin its Development Phase C/D in December 2004 with a newly created European consortium. This follows the preparatory phase during which the level of co-operation between ESA and CNES has been exemplary allowing the first step in a race to reach the market.

  • Staying in touch at sea

    Working on the high seas can be lonely separated from friends and family for weeks at a time. Communications via satellite close this gap by providing the means to stay in touch. Now, with ESA´s support, contacting shore is easier.

  • Advanced laser technology on the way to space

    It´s not only superheroes from long ago in a galaxy far, far away who can harness the power of lasers. Thanks to human ingenuity and European industry, advanced laser technology providing ultra-fast and highly secure data relay will start operation in space next year.

  • Alphasat Hosted Payloads Workshop 2011

    Close to 80 participants, including members of Europe´s satcom industry, ESA national delegations and CNES attended the workshop, which focused on the four hosted payloads that will be launched on board Alphasat.