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  • Alphabus: shocked but not stirred

    The new Alphabus platform recently sailed through a real life shock test. Analysis results show the platform coped extremely well with the launcher shocks, including the explosive “Shogun”.

  • Toulouse Space Show 2010 and ESA Stand

    Roughly 1000 people attended the 4-day conference including 200 people manning the exhibit. There was a majority of French participants. Major stands were those of the Commission (GMES and EGNOS/Galileo), ASI, EADS Astrium, Thales Alenia Telespazio and of course CNES. Certainly the concurrency of ILA in Berlin caused some loss of participation. Two ESA directors (Magali Vaissière + René Oosterlinck) attended the event, plus many colleagues from several Directorates and practically all ESA sites (TIA, Galileo, Estec, HQ, Esrin).

  • Alphasat receives further financial support

    Alphasat, a project of ESA, CNES and Inmarsat, has received up to €225 million in funding from the EU´s Risk-sharing Finance Facility (RSFF).

  • First voyage for Alphabus Service Module

    The Alphabus Service Module is completing its first voyage - from Cannes (FR) to Toulouse (FR). Transportation began at 02:30 on 26 January. Arrival is scheduled for Friday, 29 January.

  • Alphasat:<BR>Announcement of Opportunities

    The recent signing of the industrial contract with Alcatel Space and EADS Astrium for the development and procurement of the Alphabus satellite platform means that an opportunity exists for Operators, Service Providers and Industrial Groups, to embark their payloads aboard Alphabus.

  • ESA and Inmarsat sign innovative Alphasat satellite contract

    ESA and Inmarsat Global Ltd have announced the formal signature of the contract for the Alphasat satellite, one of the world's largest telecommunications satellites. The formal signing took place at ESA's headquarters in Paris.

  • Announcement of Invitation To Tender: Equipments for Alphabus phase C/D - ALPHABUS STRUCTURAL ALUMINIUM PANELS

    The ITT will address the STRUCTURAL ALUMINIUM PANELS needed for the Service Module (SM) and the Repeater Module (RM) of Alphabus platform, excepted the RM North/south panels.

  • ESA and Inmarsat prepare for Alphasat

    Today at the Paris Air Show, ESA and Inmarsat moved closer to the implementation of Alphasat, the first satellite based on Alphabus, the new European telecommunications platform.

  • Agreement between ESA and CNES for Alphabus

    On Wednesday 15 March, at the headquarters of the European Space Agency a co-operation agreement was signed between ESA and the Centre National d'Études Spatiales for the development of AlphaBus, Europe's next generation of telecommunication satellites.

  • Announcement of ITT: Equipments for Alphabus phase C/D: Propellant Tank for Chemical Propulsion System

    The Alcatel Space / EADS Astrium Joint Alphabus Project Team in its role as system responsible for Alphabus is in the process of issuing a competitive Invitation to Tender for the following activity:<br>Propellant Tank for Chemical Propulsion System.